6/22/09 Edit: I have since posted my deadCENTER film reviews. So if you would like to read my thoughts on the films I saw at the festival, go here.

I’m not the most succinct or concise writer out there, so I’m going to try tackling this deadCENTER recap thing a post at a time so as to not overwhelm you poor reader (I don’t fool myself into thinking that more than one person reads my blog), so here goes… I’m starting with my overall deadCENTER EXPERIENCE… being a DC noob, I had no idea what to expect, and boy was I ever glad I chose to spring for the $80 (student discount price) all access pass. It was SO worth it! I ate more food, drank more Stella Artois and wine, saw more amazing films, and met more cool people than I would normally get to experience in a year, all for the bargain basement price of $80 — all this crammed in to 5 measly days. It was the most fun, and truly exhausting, 5 days I’ve had in a long time. Of course, the never-ending food/Stella and the nonstop fantastic film and feminist-centric conversation with my awesome friends Sarah, Dwight and Ellen during the parties and downtime made the whole experience even more fantastic. I would have had a blast just going by myself – but being there with some of the coolest people ever was just the icing on the cake.

A few non-film related bests:

Best film venue: The OKCMOA theater is too obvious, so I guess I’ll say Artspace at Untitled. I saw Horror shorts, Midnight shorts, and short Femmes here. It was really cool! I loved being able to walk around and enjoy great art in between the shows.

Best Party: While the OKCMOA kickoff party and its resulting hobnobbing on Thursday night was a lot of fun, I have to say the XO Lounge party at the Colcord on Friday night was definitely the best party. This thing had the best food EVER. I could have eaten 7 dinners and gone back for 8ths. It was amazing. The lounge itself was great, too.

The party the following night at VI ad agency was cool, just for the venue… lots of fun conversation there, too. It was here that my completely empty stomach + the unending supply of Stella Artois combined to form the perfect storm prior to the Wavy Gravy movie. It wasn’t pretty. But on to happier times…

Coolest New People I “Met”: (I say “met” because I doubt they would remember me). Cacky Poarch and Ian (of unknown last name). As I’ve said before, Cacky walked a city block and back to bring me, a stranger, coffee and an orange muffin (for free!). I love this woman! Ian is awesome for being one of the masterminds behind the Yesterday (Canadian zombie movie) drinking game. That film would have been a steaming pile of suck had the drinking game not existed (and even with the drinking game, it was still only fun for about 20 minutes… but kudos to Ian anyway).

Other cool people: Whoever found my journal, called me, and returned the journal that I lost at Uptown United on Thurs night (after Yesterday). You are awesome. I don’t remember your name, but thanks. You give me faith in humanity. There are 8 pages of important notes from another event I attended in that journal. I love you, good Samaritan!

Most Ridiculously Fun Moment: Jumping the Jessica Alba shark. We had waaaaaay too much fun taking these pictures. Sarah posted on our bit of juvenile stupidity a bit more over at her blog. I agree with her that it was really fun. We were so disheartened to see that the very next morning, Jim Inhofe, Randy Terrill, and Mary Fallin had come and painted over the very same poster (at least that’s what we are convinced happened). Why do our elected representatives hate fun so much?

Coolest Pictures Obtained: tie – pics with Lloyd Kaufman, pics with Wavy Gravy (runner up: Alba shark pics)

Most Embarrassing Moment: Ridiculously loud beer bottle topple during silence in between short films at Horror Shorts on Friday night. My bad. (In my defense, I heard at least 2 or 3 other beer bottle topples later on that night. Late night glass bottle drinking + concrete floor = recipe for loud disaster).

Biggest Giggle-Like-A-Schoolgirl / Kathy-Feeling-Way-Too-Cool-For-Her-Own-Good Moment: Talking politics/obscure 80s female film directors with Lloyd Kaufman (I actually corrected him on Penelope Spheeris being the director of Suburbia… schweet!) followed by him giving me Troma swag (a DVD of Cannibal: the Musical) and his personal business card for IFTA. I of course took the business card as an invitation for me to personally email him, which I fully intend to do. We actually have a lot in common politically. Of course I expect a prompt reply to my email from Uncle Lloydie himself *sarcastic cough*.

Now, I could write a whole blog post on just Lloyd Kaufman. He fascinates me. I am very conflicted on my opinion of the man. He talks the feminist talk in abundance, but yet all of his films border on female exploitation, and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that he was fighting the urge to screw every woman who came within 5 feet of him… yes, I realize that all men struggle with this problem, but Lloyd Kaufman is a special case. Watch any Troma film and you’ll see immediately what I’m talking about. As I said, I’m conflicted. I’ll report back again after I watch Cannibal: the Musical… after all, I do love me some Trey Parker!

Speaking of Mr. Kaufman, deadCENTER film festival, and its “Gynos in Charge” have received his highest endorsement (originally posted on on June 16, 2009). I have to say I fully agree:

Lloyd Kaufman Here,

Last weekend I attended deadCENTER Fest in Oklahoma City, the Gyno operated and incredibly well-organized festival showcased a slue of brilliant films and relevant panel discussions on the state of Independent Cinema. I mention that deadCENTER Fest was organized by Gynos (more politically correct term for woman) because it was the best run film festival I’ve ever been to! The G.O.C’s for the festival (Gyno’s in Charge) were Melissa Scaramucci, Kim Haywood, and Cacky Poarch. They took care of every detail, everything at deadCENTER went on without a hitch or a glitch, they are all perfect human specimens!!! The Film Fest was refreshingly idealistic, untainted by the cynicism and evils of Hollywood. This was truly a film fest for Independent films, supported and organized by lovers of Independent film.

A couple films I attended especially kicked ass! Specifically, Weather Girl, Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (my film of course), Saint Misbehavin’: The Wavy Gravy Movie, and Official Rejection, which I was in and elaborates on the BS I have encountered at so called mainstream film festivals. I recommend deadCENTER Festival to all filmmakers, regardless of experience or genre. This is Uncle Lloydie’s highest endorsement. Take it and spread the word kiddies! Looking forward to next year’s deadCENTER Fest!


Uncle Lloyd

All in all, deadCENTER was a fantastic experience. I fully intend to spring for another all access pass next year. I’ll post reviews of all the best and worst films I saw in the next few days. Thanks for the memories!

4 thoughts on “The deadCENTER 2009 EXPERIENCE!

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  2. Jim Inhofe, Mary Fallin and Randy Terrill are personally responsible for anything crappy that happens anywhere. That’s my personal theory, and I’m sticking to it!

    On a less bitter note…I’m glad someone else loves deadCENTER as much as I do!

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