Bring it!

deadCENTER 2010!!!!! Coming to your very own Oklahoma City beginning tomorrow. I couldn’t be more excited, especially now that Spike Jonze has been confirmed to attend the opening night fundraiser! While I am not personally planning on shelling out the bucks to attend the ‘REDcenter Lounge‘ fundraiser kickoff Jonze is confirmed to attend, I will be at the All-Access Kick-Off Party, the free Kick-Off Street Party on Broadway, and the opening night (free to the public) screening of The Birth of Big Air, which Jonze co-produced with Johnny Knoxville (of Jackass fame). The Birth of Big Air is a documentary about BMX biker Mat Hoffman, who hails from Oklahoma, and who supposedly gave birth to “Big Air” by pushing the bound of gravity on the vert ramp. Hoffman will be in attendance at the screening tomorrow night as well. However, being more of a film buff than an extreme sports fan, I’m mostly crossing my fingers that Jonze will stick around and grace us Oklahomies with his presence at a Q&A following the screening. It will be interesting to see Hoffman’s story, however. Growing up in Oklahoma I had always heard about him as one of our “hometown celebrities”.

My tentative schedule for the rest of the festival has been mostly solidified; But as always, it’s subject to change based on peer pressure, whims, or exhaustion. My downtown hotel room will be a nice oasis in the case of the third contingency. Looking at the schedule, there are quite a few films I’ll be upset if I miss, but we’ll see how it goes. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

8: The Mormon Proposition: Mormons! Gay marriage! Prop 8! What more fascinating subject matter could there be? Knowing quite a few Mormons personally, I am very interested to find out just how the LDS church was involved in the campaign for and passage of Proposition 8 in California. I will freely admit that I am not the most unbiased of people when it comes to the beliefs of the Mormon church, but I am curious to see whether this documentary really is as even-handed as it claims to be. The deadCENTER summary states that the film “is careful not to succumb to emotional rant but chooses instead well-researched data and a range of interviews with politicians.” The film screens twice during the festival but I plan to see it Thursday night at the Kerr Auditorium.

Heart of Now: This seems like just the kind of drama that I would love. According to the synopsis, “HEART OF NOW is a quiet and understated debut feature that explores the inclination to define ourselves by the people who leave us.” This film screens Friday afternoon at 2:00, and I really hope I’m not called in to work that day (I had to agree to be “on call” for Friday. Ugh.) Zak Forsman, the director, is scheduled to be in attendance, as is the lead actress and music director.

Simmons on Vinyl: According to the author of this article, Simmons on Vinyl is fantastic! And I’m going to take his word for it. Surely he’s not biased … Wait … He’s the director of the film, you say? Oh … Well, at any rate, I’m always excited to see anything Singletree Productions comes out with. Mark Potts, Cole Selix, and Brand Rackley have a wonderful ability to make me laugh my ass off. And I like to laugh my ass off. Singletree Productions has another film screening this year during the Comedy Shorts as well, The Bedazzler.

I’m pretty excited about quite a few of the short films screening this year too, including Blastula: The Making of Embryonic (the Flaming Lips, yay!!!), and Mr. Hypnotism. I always enjoy short films, and some of the Comedy Shorts last year were my favorite films of the entire fest.

Only one more day, people. My only wish is that Cuppies and Joe will sponsor the Kick-Off Party again so I can eat my fill of Vanilla Sky cupcakes (or as I call them, my addiction). It would also be nice if the little rapping Wimgo guys from last year would perform at one of the parties. (Please, please please!!!)

I’ll see you all tomorrow night. I’ll be the one drinking the Stella Artois. Oh, wait…

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